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COVID-19 antiviral pharmaceutical ingredients & drug development:
The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic infectious disease caused by a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is the defining global health crisis. Since its emergence in Asia in 2019, the virus has spread to every continent as a result, up to 255 million people have been infected worldwide and 5 million people have died. Here we are developing new effectives antiviral active ingredients (API) for new preventative therapeutic prescription drugs that would alleviate the severity of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Our research team using quantum biology, chemical principle and artificial Intelligent to research molecular structures, models, synthesis process, therapeutics of new effective COVID-19 antiviral drugs.
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Quantum Shield: Nano Titanium Dioxide Face Mask.
The Virus inactivation & Self-cleaning Mask.

Quantum Shield is the special masks with nano titanium dioxide composit technology. The mask is able to inactivate viruses, bacteria, degradate PM2.5 with self-cleaning properties (when exposed day light or incandescent light). Anti-virus, anti-bateria, PM2.5 degradation and self-cleaning process formed by titanium dioxide nanoparticles absorbs light energy  release the negative charged ion particles which together with the oxygen molecules in the air reacts an oxidative damage to viral and bacteria protiens led to degradation of envelope/capsid and nucleic acid leakage and degradation, the reaction break down the DNA of the virus, bacteria and decompose PM 2.5 into carbon dioxide and water. 
Quantum Shield mask products will help prevent airborne viruses and bacteria contaminated with the air not to enter the body through the respiratory system. Quantum Shield Nano Titanium Dioxide Composite face mask will help protects people from COVID-19 viruse and others airborne viruses, bacteria and PM2.5.


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